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Evergreen Mentor/Team Lead
About Me

As a Team Lead and Hiring Manager, I have the special privilege of bringing compassionate & experienced individuals into our Evergreen Mentorship family.

I'm here to ensure that our mentors will provide you with the best possible care and service.

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I have been incredibly fortunate to experience many facets of Evergreen Mentorship – as a mentor, team lead, and hiring manager. I have experience in helping clients with stress and anxiety, depression, burnout, managing life changes, and building healthier wellness habits.

I work closely with my clients to cultivate a safe, nonjudgmental space where thoughts and feelings can be shared openly and honestly. I believe that you are the champion of your story and that you have unique strengths and skills to share with the world. Your individuality is your superpower!

We’ve all experienced times in our lives where we need encouragement, motivation, and support. Taking the steps to seeking a more positive and fulfilling life takes courage. I am here to make sure you never walk your path alone and to share in your triumphs along the way.

My top areas of expertise

I enjoy taking a holistic approach with each of my clients and addressing all aspects of their lives that they want to improve. Areas of my specific expertise include:

Stress Management

Whether your stress is coming from personal relationships, job struggles, financial strain or any other area of your life, stress isn’t going anywhere - which is why it’s so important to learn how to manage it in healthy and sustainable ways! I love working with my clients to empower them to handle their stress constructively and produce something positive from it.

Health & Wellness

Taking proper care of mental and physical wellness can often fees overwhelming. Sometimes we may have health and wellness goals in mind, but they can feel unachievable. I help people build on small and sustainable habit changes. Seeing clients treat themselves with care and reach their health goals brings me much joy.

Self Esteem

Maintaining positive self esteem is one of the strongest ways to set yourself up for success. Knowing you are capable, worthy, and deserving of everything you want in life helps set the tone for how you approach - and overcome - all challenges you may encounter.

Our Success Stories

"I wouldn't be bringing myself out of this predicament situation without the help of my mentor. But it's not even about that title "mentor". It's more about someone being there for you, to help you, and to love you."
"I joined the Evergreen Mentorship Program to help fight my anxiety and depression problems. But I received more than just that because through this mentoring experience I also found my voice."
"I was broken. But my mentor helped me become alive again, and helped me believe in myself. Today I’m in college, getting bachelor’s degrees in finance and psychology. Nothing is stopping me anymore."

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