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My role at Evergreen is a Virtual Peer Mentor.

The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.

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Ms. Devyani Balladin, MA Counselor Education

I have been Counseling in Education over 20 years primarily in the state of Florida and have worked in North Carolina as well. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida, the sunshine state. 

My passion is to help people to find their purpose and “Why” in life. All means ALL! Everyone deserves guidance, opportunity, encouragement and mentorship. 

With knowledge, technology, resources, encouragement, support and innovative practices I will continue my mission to support and assist people to become their best version of themselves.

My top areas of expertise

I can assist clients with all areas. I would highlight stress management, goal setting, career and educational exploration, self-esteem, time management and general mental health as areas of expertise. Balance is important in life and success, let me help you get to your personal goals with research-based practices, encouragement, support and strategies.

Personal Goals

SMART GOALS technique is used to break down your goals into realistic, measurable and achievable tasks. Helps to organize and prioritize your thoughts to get you to the finish line. Other tools and methods are used as well to assist in time management and organizational skills.

Mental Health

I assist my clients with strategies and tools to help balance and manage their mental health. Healthy habits, awareness of self, time to reflect and meditation are some techniques. The goal is happiness and peace for most of us in our lives let me assist you in finding yours.

Career & Educational Exploration:

Assist with identifying passion, interests and purpose with assessments and inventories that match you to possible careers. It is always easier to work hard for what you want than to do something just because:) We are all here for a reason and you still have time to make your dreams come true!

Evergreen Mentorship Clients

"I wouldn't be bringing myself out of this predicament situation without the help of my mentor. But it's not even about that title "mentor". It's more about someone being there for you, to help you, and to love you."
"I joined the Evergreen Mentorship Program to help fight my anxiety and depression problems. But I received more than just that because through this mentoring experience I also found my voice."
"I was broken. But my mentor helped me become alive again, and helped me believe in myself. Today I’m in college, getting bachelor’s degrees in finance and psychology. Nothing is stopping me anymore."

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